Take a brave stand against hate.

What is an Ally?

Allyship is the practice of standing with and for others who are targeted by hate. Being an ally is a skill that can be learned. The essential skills of allyship include taking initiative and publicly committing to others. This is done by clearly communicating solidarity with targeted people. We help individuals develop the skills necessary to be effective responders to the needs of groups targeted by those who seek to harm them.

Ally Actions

Ally Actions are opportunities for individuals to take concrete actions in support of people targeted by hateful speech or actions. We Stand Together promotes actions designed to provide allies with learning opportunities to build skills rooted in courage. Becoming an ally takes practice; courage is a muscle that needs to be developed. We provide guidance for participants to develop essential skills for allyship.

All Ally Actions are done in coordination with advisors and leaders of the group being allied with (recognizing that every group has many facets that represent distinct perspectives and that all group members may not be in agreement). We Stand Together intends to work with and be responsive to all targeted groups in respectful and supportive ways.

Stand Against Hate in Easthampton, MA

Click here to sign a petition to let Easthampton city leaders know you stand against the recent vandalism in the Edward J. Dwyer Conservation Area.

January 7, 2019
Ally Action Against anti-Semitism

Stand up against anti-Semitism by downloading and displaying this Hanukkah menorah in support of the Jewish community.

November 14, 2018